Friday, November 28, 2008

Chidren will never be a part of my future

Children have never been or will ever be part of my future.

That statement about children being our future has irked me for as long as i can remember.

I know the sentiment is commendable, but somehow my mind refuses to grasp it.

Children a part of our present

children are very much here and now.

Present, with all their gifting and hurts and are in need of nurturing. When I look at them as being in the future I am actually saying that their concerns are futuristic.

Hence they should be "seen and not heard."

In other words wait until you are older.

There goes that sentiment again..... "they are the Future"

Children are gifted and while I know they will be a part of the future, the most important thing is to take care of them now. Not at a later date. They stand in need of nurturing today.

Above is an example of children fulfilling their dreams while they are children. (musical youth)

Gifted and capable.

Much literature has been dedicated to the importance that the child plays in the deliverance of a people.

We have often heard or read the statement "And a little child shall lead them".

Yet how many of us have really understood it?

Rethink the statement

lets rethink that statement "Children are our future."

they have never been and will never be a part of MY future.

they are very much an integral part of my life TODAY.

Do you have the courage to make it an integral part of yours?